2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (RP)

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Howdy Again, If you read the Talented Mr.Roto(Matthew Berry) you should know by now that you should never pay for saves. He is 100% right on this one. Saves come inThe TMR says never pay for saves. You should believe him.The TMR says never pay for saves. You should believe him. and out of the league all season long. You can even pull of trades for saves if you have to because there are always managers with excess that don't need the saves anymore. Every year you will see managers reach for a Papelbon or Nathan in like the fourth round. I say fine let them have them. You can get your saves later with not having to sacrifice other stats.The name of the game with closers is Saves. Saves only. I don't care about the ERA or WHIP. They don't pitch enough innings to truely effect you ratios anyway. Go for the guy with saves. I don't care if he is the reincarnation of Todd Jones. It doesn't matter saves are saves. Look at Spring Training this year, closers are flip-flopping every day. Devine has a visit with the grim reaper, BJ has no speed on his fastball, Hoffman is on the DL, Street was named yesterday. You get my point. Saves are saves, and you can always get them later. 

 1  Jonathan Papelbon  Papelboner throws heat, plays for a great team, and picks up saves in the sleep. His name is cool too.
 2  Mariano Rivera  The over the hill RP just gets it done, and plays for a winning team. He was amazing last year and should still be awesome.
 3  Joe Nathan  Nathan every year piles up the saves. Pick him and write it in the book.
 4  Francisco Rodriguez 62 Freaking saves. That's what he did last year. Don't expect that, but expect good numbers across the board. 
 5  Brad Lidge  Lights Out was Lidge last year. I think he put the Pujols moon shot behind him.
 6  Joakim Soria  This kid is good. He plays for a bad team, so you might be able to get him cheap. I like him a lot.
 7  Bobby Jenks  Jenks sometimes pisses you off, but his job is safe.
 8  Jonathan Broxton  He suffers from the mild injury here and there but should still get a lot of save in LA.
 9  Jose Valverde  You used to not be able to trust him. Now you can, he throws gas.
 10  Kerry Wood  The once #1 prospect has a new role. He did great last year, and will do fine this year. You do have to worry about the injury some.
 11  Brian Fuentes He takes over the role for a guy who got 62 saves last year. The opportunities will be there.
 12  Francisco Cordero  He sometimes loses his head, but you can't argue with his production.
 13  Frank Francisco  Hopefully he doesn't throw chairs, but strikes this year. If he can handle the pressure, he will be awesome.
 14  Brandon Morrow  Everyone thought he was going to be a starter, but he says he is going to close now. Injury risk, but lights out.
 15  Matt Capps  Plays for an up and coming team that has young talent. I see more chances for him this year.
 16  Chad Qualls  He does have Rauch lurking if he falters, but I think he keeps the job all year in the desert.
 17  Heath Bell This candy bar is good, but plays for a crap team.
 18  Brian Wilson  Saves are saves. Remember that with this guy.
 19  Jason Motte  Motte wins the job from spring. If he falters watch out though.
 20  Kevin Gregg  Lou likes Marmol's arm for 2 innings. That is good news for Gregg owners.
 21  B.J. Ryan  He has no speed on his fastball, but they say he is healthy. Look for him to turn it up.
 22  Mike Gonzalez  Watch this guy pitch, you will like it.
 23  Brad Ziegler  Devine has a date with the Grim Reaper. Its Ziegler's job for now.
 24  Matt Lindstrom  This guy throws 100mph. He has a short leash, but loads of talent.
 25  Trevor Hoffman  Starts the season on the DL, but will regain this role full time shortly.
 26  Troy Percival  Getting old, but he should put up enough to get you saves.
 27  Joel Hanrahan  Han did awesome last year at the end of the season, he is the hope for D.C.
 28  Huston Street  Street was just named the closer yesterday. Watch closely because he could be the first traded.
 29  George Sherrill  George was in another tight race with Ray. I wouldn't be surprised if Ray takes his job away.
 30  Frenando Rodney Ugh, enough said. 
 31  Chris Ray  Looking to steal Sherrill's Job.
 32  Carlos Marmol Will get you wins, K's, and the random saves.
 33  Brandon Lyon  Ugh, enough said.
 34  Manny Corpas  
 35  Carlos Villanueva  
 36  Scott Downs  
 37  Leo Nunez  
 38  Jose Arrredondo  
 39  Hong-Chih Kuo  
 40  J.J. Putz  
 41  Joey Devine  
 42  Ryan Franklin