2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (C)

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 Today we talk about the catcher position. I got some words of advise, please do not draft a catcher early. Don't overpay. Don't reach. Just let everyone else waste their picks on players that don't play everyday, and grabbed skilled positions in the mean time. Trust me on this one. I have won a lot of leagues by treating the catcher position like the kicker position in baseball. Grab one with your last pick, if it doesn't work out pick someone else up. You're team will be stronger in the long run and you will be able to make up the difference at the other positions. 

The one guy everyone is drooling over this year is Wieters. The probleIs Jesus here? You will have to wait 2 months to see him!Is Jesus here? You will have to wait 2 months to see him!m is that he is starting the season in the minors to save money for his team. He could probably put up comparable numbers in half a season than most catchers, but please don't jump on him too early. If your in a keeper league that has a bench than feel free to draft and hold him for the following years. One good point to remember is that these prospects come up all the time, and really don't pan out like they should. I think Wieters should, but be careful. He are the rankings of the catchers below, please just wait and take best available though. 



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 1  Brian McCann  McCann is probably one of the few catchers I wouldn't care if you drafted earlier. He gets enough AB's by plaiyng other positions and has a lot of powe too.
 2  Russell Martin  Mr. Russell is know for being the catcher who will get you speed. Sure he might steal 15, but a running catcher always isn't a good thing.
 3  Geovany Soto  Soto came out of nowhere and provided good pop last year in 494 plate apperances. He has a true upside to get better, and has a good home to play in.
 4  Victor Martinez Victor only played half a season last year with injuries. The plan this year is to provde him with a lot of rest at DH,1B. Look for a big comeback from him.
 5  Joe Mauer  Back injury, Kindney surgery, no power. This guy has a lot going against him. Many will draft him early because he was supposed to be the next big thing. He has a great average and provides RBI's and Runs. Just don't overpay.
 6 Ryan Doumit  Doumit has had his numbers hurt the past few seasons by injuries, but he still provided 15 homers in 430 Abs. I like him a lot, and plug a backup in when he gets injured.
 7  Chris Iannetta Ohh, do I love the Colorado air and so does Iannetta. If the Rockies get their head out of their ass, and give him Abs he could offer excellent value on draft day.
 8  Bengie Molina  If you like turtles than Bengie is your guy. He has to be the slowest person ever. He is a consistent catcher with a good average and decent pop. Just don't watch him run.
 9  Pablo Sandoval  If he qualifies at catcher in your league you are golden. He is only going to get better as he develops. I like his batting eye, and so will your team.
 10  Matt Wieters  Halleuia!! Here he is. The next great thing just slice bread. Ohh wait, he is in the minors for 2 months. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Don't jump on the stud too early. If your in a Keeper league take a serious look though.
 11  Mike Napoli  Napoli hits bombs. 20 homers in 227 Abs. That is nice. If he gets more playing time look for that number to jump and average to drop a little.
 12  Kelly Shoppach  Read Napoli above. His average sucks, but he will go deep. He'll have to share time with Martinez, but numbers are numbers.
 13  Jorge Posada  He is old, injured and banged up. He will be usable in your league but expect a decline.
 14  Ramon Hernandez  Ramon got sent away because of Jesus, I mean Wieters. His new home is a ping pong box so it should help.
 15  A.J. Pierzynski  
 16  Dioner Navarro  
 17  Chris Snyder  
 18  Salty  
 19  Pudge  
 20  Yadier Molina