2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (3B)

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Howdy Again,
Today we are going to tackle the third base position for fantasy. Third base is a pretty deep position that thrives with power. You are going to What the hell were you thinking?What the hell were you thinking?want to add one of these sluggers to your team to be able to compete across the board in homers, runs and rbis. However, you don't have to panic if you don't get one right away. I feel that this position is deeper than it has been in the past.
The hot corner is where it is at in baseball. You need to be able to hit the snot out of the ball, but at the same time be able to field and throw the ball all the way across the field.

It might be the hardest spot on the field because so much is expected out of the position. A lot of the times you will find that the hot prospects get moved to first from third because they can't handle the fielding duties. So be careful if your in a keeper league and looking for the next hot corner stud, he may be on his way to first or the OF.

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 1  David Wright  Mr. Wright can do no wrong in fantasy. This baller puts up numbers all across the board. The only draw back I can see is that his steals did drop from 30 to 15 last year. If Willie Randolph will give him the green light he has the speed to get back to the 30-30 club. Either way, he is going to provide you with 100,30,100 across the board. This is what I call a fantasy and keeper stud.
 2  Miguel Cabrera  Miggy started the last season very slow. People were talking that maybe he has lost a step. However he turned the heat up in the 2nd half and ended up with 37 homes and 127 Ribbies. The average was down a little to .292 but he should be able to start this year on a better note. Let's hope Miguel stays away from the hotdogs this offseason, and keeps his weight down. He has a tendency to balloon up some. Buy the second half from last year and he will make a nice all around addition to your team.
 3 Alex Rodriguez  His name may side like a girl that is married to a spur, but he doesn't play like the brunette. Longoria was a rookie last year that really lived up to his projections. He will only get better as the years progress. I am looking for a .270 average with homers in the mid-30s. Very Very good!
 4  Aramis Ramirez  Ramirez is a name that doesn't get much hype in fantasy. When you actually look at his numbers this guy is pretty much awesome. He will hit close to .300, crank 30 out, and provide a good source of RBI's in runs in the middle of a productive lineup. Take this guy later then the rest of the studs above and you can count on some really good numbers.
 5  Kevin Youkillis  The God of Walks has changed his style the last few years and it his showed.  He used to walk at a clip of close to 100 a year. He has become more aggressive and seen his homers rise every year.  He is in a great lineup that produces. Expect the same this year.
 6  Chipper Jones  Larry when healthy hits the crap out of the ball. That's the problem, he gets nicked up like an old car. He will have his nagging injuries and in fact already has one. However if your league has a DL spot you can probably weather the storm of injuries. The average he puts up is just dominating and can carry your team. Just be prepared to substitute a guy in to make up the time he hits the shelf.
 7  Chris Davis  Mr. Davis is everyone's pick dujour this year. Honestly, I kind of agree too. He is 23 years old, he cranked out 17 homers in 295 Abs last year and kept his average up too. This kid is good, and has the potential to have the power output close to Howard. The only drawback is that he K's a lot, but I think the Ballpark makes up for that. The kid will produce and he will be scary good in a a year or two for you keeper leagues out there.
 8  Aubrey Huff  Huff is one of those guys that is very underrated. You look up each year and the guy has 30 homers and a pretty decent average to boot also. Expect much of the same this year, as he has worked hard this offseason to keep improving
 9  Ryan Zimmerman  Zimmerman used to be rated one of the top prospects in the game. Now he just gets injured every year. He has had 2 wrist surgeries and a torn labrum last year. He has look healthy this spring and should get back to his  norms if he can stay on the field.
 10  Garrett Atkins  Atkins likes to crush a lot in Colorado. Away from home, not so much. The big question mark behind him this year is will the Rockies trade him. If that happens watch out below. You can't count on trades, so you just have to hope he stays puts, and takes advantage again of his home park. A good average with about a 20 homerun output.
 11  Adrian Beltre  Beltre again finds himself in a contract year. Last time that happened he put up amazing numbers. He plays on a terrible team, and a bad ball park. He should still be able to play for a new contract and hit mid 20s in homers and bat close to .270. Not a bad guy to plug in this deep at third.
 12  Chone Figgins  If power is not your thing, but speed is then Chone is your guy. He won't go deep, but he will steal over 40 bases this year. You just have to make sure you have power at other positions, because most people find their homers at the corners, and you will have to make up for that. The speed will be nice though.
 13  Alex Gordon This guy was the greatest thing since slice bread. The last few years that bread has gond a little moldy. Will he ever live up to the hype like Longoria. Probably not that good, but he will be productive. He will throw in 20 home run power and give you some steals to boot also.
 14  Edwin Encarnacion  Double E is a very streaky player. He will go on massive home run binges, and then fall asleep for a month. However if you average it out, you can probably expect 25 homers for him. Your average might suffer in the mean time, but if your looking late in the draft for a corner he would fit in nicely.
 15  Pablo Sandoval  This giant raked last year in his first year. His true advantage for you is if he qualifies at catcher. He is a very good hitter with a great average at sense a young age. The rumor is that he is slated to bat 5th behind Bengie. Umm, that's not good considering he will have to walk around the bases with Bengie in front of him.
 16  Jorge Cantu  Cantu was a force last year with 29 homers. People didn't expect that from him. He probably won't match that mark, but 20 homers and a decent average he should do. Again, if you are waiting late for a third base he wouldn't be a bad option.
 17  Carlos Guillen Guillen went through a lot of bumps and bruises last year which effected his final line. The move to the OF this year will try and keep him healthy so that he can produce. IF he stays on the field look for .285 average with double digit homers and steals. 
 18  Mark Reynolds  Mark Reynolds does two things very well. He hits bombs, and he strikes out. Reynolds led the majors in K's last year but did manage to 28 homers. He will kill you average, but if you really need the power then take this young one.
 19  Melvin Mora  
 20  Mark DeRosa  
 21  Mike Lowell  
 22  Kevin Kouzmanoff  
 23  Troy Glaus  
 24  Hank Blalock  
 25  Jed Lowrie  
 26  Ian Steawart  
 27  Chase Headley  
 28  Ty Wigginton  
 29  Casey Blake  
 30  Joe Crede