2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (2B)

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Howdy All,
The problem with second base in fantasy is that its not very deep. In real life the 2B is used mostly for defense. Teams want quick fielders who can move and field and usually provide Bad Hip? I don't think so!Bad Hip? I don't think so!little power. That is what you are going to find here. After pretty much the top 3, you are going to have to figure out what you team needs. I usually try to find my speed guys in the MI spot. You want a good hitter who will hit for average and provide some steals to balance out power hitters you selected at first. You can find guys like Uggla here that just hit bombs, but its far and few between. Its not a pretty position and the table falls off fast. If you don't get one of the elite, then your best bet is too just wait and fill up your other positions first. Don't panic, because you can always find rookies, or surprises in the middle of the season at the two spot.

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1  Chase Utley Injury smurjury. You might be concerned with his bum hip, but I'm not. He is due to start batting practice this week, and still holds to his word that he won't be out as long as expected. I believe, and I think he will get close to his totals of last year.
 2  Ian Kinsler Kinsler is only 26 years old, and continues to improve year after year. You have to love his ballpark in Arlington and the team he plays for too. He got hurt last year that held his counting stats down. If he can stay healthy watch out for this young in.
 3  Brandon Phillips A bum finger ended his season last year, but he still was able to join the 20-20 club again. This dude can flat out play and he will fill at fantasy stats in every category from the cleanup spot. He could easily go 25-25 and maybe push 30 homers again. You want him, grab him now!!
 4 Dustin Pedroia  Wow, weird did that come from last year. Peds broke out huge last year and set career highs in all across the board. Who knew he had 20 steal speed too. I think he is rated a little too high on other sites, and his numbers will fall slightly from last year. He is young like Kinsler though, and his power could tick up in the next few years as he adds strength.
 5  Brian Roberts If its speed that you need, then Roberts is your pick. He will barely reach double digit homers but provide 40 steals in his sleep. He is getting older and might soon show signs of slowly down, but not this year. Don't be afraid to grab Roberts in your draft
6 Alexei Ramirez From nothing, to greatness in one year. The Cuba defect exploded on the scene last year with 21 homers and 13 steals. He strikes out a lot, and is a free swinger but  his power is for real. In a position where it is hard to find 20 homer pop, you can't go wrong here.
 7 Dan Uggla Average no, steals no, homers big yes. Uggla hits bombs and has hit 30 the last 3 seasons. You can expect the same this year, but will have to be able to withstand the average hit that comes with him.
 8  Chone Figgins  Like Roberts, this guy can flat out burn on the base paths. Injuries cut his season short and he didn't reach his usually 40 steals. Watch him to come in to this year healthy and can almost win the steals category by himself for you.
 9 Robinson Cano  In most eyes, Cano had a down year for him. His April was an absolutely disaster last season, and he fought back from it all year. I think he will be underrated this year, and will come closely to his averages of .300 avg and 16 homers.
 10  Howie Kendrick  When will it ever happened? Every year this we hear this guy can win the batting title. Blah Blah Blah. He isn't going to win anything if he can't stay on the field. Sure he has a good batting eye, but his power is week, and he doesn't really run. I am not a huge fan.
 11  Mike Aviles  Aviles had a fine season last year, and surprised many. He has a tendency to swing at anything so his K rate will be high. However he is decent in average, and will provide double digit homers.
 12  Jose Lopez  Jose Lopez is nothing fancy. He won't kill you, and he won't really help you. Just a steady player with a good average and some pop. He is young though, so he could increase those homers and provide a good fantasy asset soon.
 13  Placido Polanco Placido is also a hitter that won't kill you either but provides little in the counting stats. He hits .300, has no power and doesn't run. If you have to grab him, you better found those other stats else where.
 14 Mark DeRosa The value in DeRosa is that he plays a billzion positions. You can almost plug him in anywhere. He did show some muscle last year with 21 over the fence so that was nice. I doubt he duplicates that, but will get close.
 15  Kelly Johnson Kelly ended his year last year on a good note with lots of RBI's and a good average. He again will play the sleeper woll this year and I wouldn't be surprised if he got close  to 20 homers. So wait on him if you can, and he could be a nice surprise on your roster as he continues to improve each year.
 16  Rickie Weeks  
 17  Orlando Hudson  
 18  Kaz Matsui  
 19  Ian Stewart  
 20 Freddy Sanchez  
 21  Akinori Iwamura  
 22  Aaron Hill