2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (1B)

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Smell of black pine tar, fresh blades of grass, grape bubbles of Big League chew. The crack of the bat, the pop of the mitt, the rustle of dirt. What's that you say? Is it true? Yes it is. We have finally arrived at another glorious season of fantasy baseball. The offseason as always was long and drawn out.Whotobet.netWhotobet.net We again had major stories of steroids. Unlike previous years it wasn't villains like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens. It was Baseball's King that fell on the sword this year. We might as well face it, probably everyone of our stars took something that gave them an advantage. Will it all come out? Probably not. We just have to accept it and move on. Do we here at whotobet.net care if Arod took roids? Hell no. We just want stats, stats, and more stats.

In the next few days, I will be sharing with the world my fantasy picks for the year. You will probably ask yourself why should I listen to this txcassidy guy. Who is he?  Do I have any fantasy cred at all or not? I'll tell you one thing I read a lot of sites, shove it all in my head, shift through the garbage, and spit out what I think is the best information on fantasy baseball.  You can read my ranks, and say hey he is full off BS, or say wait a second this txcassidy guy might know a thing or two about baseball. I'll let you decipher that for yourself.  Below you will find my ranks for 1B this year in a 5X5 12 team league. If you like what I say be sure to come back each day for the next position.



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 1  Albert Pujols  Prince Albert is the best hitter in baseball hands down. The guy's elbow could fall off and he would still hit over .320. Last year people were worried about injury and he went out and hit .357 with 37 bombs and adding 7 steals for gravy. Don't hesitant this year to pick him up with one of the top 3 picks. You won't be sorry.
 2  Miguel Cabrera  Miggy started the last season very slow. People were talking that maybe he has lost a step. However he turned the heat up in the 2nd half and ended up with 37 homes and 127 Ribbies. The average was down a little to .292 but he should be able to start this year on a better note. Let's hope Miguel stays away from the hotdogs this offseason, and keeps his weight down. He has a tendency to balloon up some. Buy the second half from last year and he will make a nice all around addition to your team.
 3  Ryan Howard Homers, Homers, Homers. This is what you get when you draft the guy I call the Monster. Howard absolutely crushes the ball when he makes contact. The downside to him is his batting average and his slow starts. I mean the dude has averaged 50 homers and 144 a season since he become a starter in 06. The word on the street that he is in shape this spring and has lost 20 lbs to slim up. I think this is a great sign and the average will creep back up to the .270 mark, and the homers will still be there. Don't be afraid of the monster. 
 4  Mark Teixeira  Teixeira finds himself in RBI heaven this year with a move to the Yankees. It was looking really good into AROID went down with a bum ham this week. Still this slugger will finally plenty to knock in and protection in that lineup. Expect him to put up his consistent numbers and to inflate his RBI numbers in New York. This guy is Mr. Cool and won't melt under the New York pressure.
 5  Lance Berkman  The Puma snuck up on us last year with his 18 Steals. Where did that come from? We know he can hit anything in sight and he will crank out 30, but 18 steals? I wouldn't count on that again. I'll put him at 8-10 steals this year but he will still be a valuable member to any team.
 6  Prince Fielder  Fielder went from 50 homers down to a paltry 34 dingdongs. The word on the street last year is that he became a vegetarian. Could it be true that one needs to eat meat to hit the long one. I believe so. I think Prince is more of a .275 hitting with 30 homer power and not the 50 we saw 2 years ago. He is still young and could approve on that, but I'm not betting on it.
 7  Justin Morneau  He has a pure swing which makes him a very consistent hitter. The guy will bat around .300 in his sleep and will drive in runs when men are on. The problem is that Minnesota doesn't really set the table for him like they should. His RBI's will be around 120 and his homers will be close to 30. You are paying for a very consistent hitter in this one.
 8  Kevin Youkilis  The God of Walks has changed his style the last few years and it his showed.  He used to walk at a clip of close to 100 a year. He has become more aggressive and seen his homers rise every year.  He is in a great lineup that produces. Expect the same this year.
 9  Chris Davis  Mr. Davis is everyone's pick detour this year. Honestly, I kind of agree too. He is 23 years old, he cranked out 17 homers in 295 Abs last year and kept his average up too. This kid is good, and has the potential to have the power output close to Howard. The only drawback is that he K's a lot, but I think the Ballpark makes up for that. The kid will produce and he will be scary good in a  year or two for you keeper leagues out there.
 10  Adrian Gonzalez  Its sad that he gets punished every year with his home ball park. Adrian is a very talented hitter, and if he ever landed somewhere else he could put 40 over the fence. He is still trapped in hitters hell and will be very good and is still very young in baseball terms.
 11  Derrek Lee Again last year his numbers fell off a little as the season progressed. Mr. Lee isn't want he once was, but he still puts up usable numbers. He is on a decline , but if you are looking for average, and 20 homers in the mid rounds he isn't a bad bet for you. He will throw in about 7-10 steals too. Not very sexy, but you know what you will get. 
 12  Carlos Pena  How many careers have looked like Pena's over the year? This guy has gone from pretty much out of the league to hitting 46 homers the next year. His numbers slid last year because he doesn't have the patient and strikes out all the time. He has power and will hit if hard, but you will suffer in the avg. department when you select him.
 13  Joey Votto  Scouts have always loved Joey Veto. He has a pure swing, that produces liners that go over the wall from time to time is what you hear. He was very frustrating to own last year over the season until the final 2 months. The boy just couldn't crank em out, and then in the final two months he hit 11 out. Maybe something clicked, or his confidence was raised.
 14  Aubrey Huff  Huff is one of those guys that is very underrated. You look up each year and the guy has 30 homers and a pretty decent average to boot also. Expect much of the same this year, as he has worked hard this offseason to keep improving
 15  Carlos Delgado  When everyone else thinks this guy is old and done, he keeps on clicking. Delgado likes to go deep and he hits the ball harder than most people I have seen. It just looks so pretty when it flies off his bat. He is old so he will run into some injuries, but I think he again produces his normal numbers.
 16  Garrett Atkins  Everyone loves the cool Colorado air, and this one does too. He thrives in his home park, but just hits .260 on the road. If he ever gets traded out of Colorado be sure to cut bait as fast as you can. His numbers will fall through the floor.
 17  Adam Dunn  40,40,40 is what Dunn has homered the last 3 years. Now that is what I call consistency. He will give you power, but at the same time destroy your average too. He hit .236 last year and now calls his home in Washington. Watch out. He should again get close to 40 in that park, because its not like his homers are barely clearing the wall elsewhere.
 18  Victor Martinez  2. That is what he hit out last year. Granted he had bone chips in his elbow but still. IF you draft him as your first baseman you are looking for trouble. Make sure he plays the C position for you and you will be fine.
 19  Conor Jackson  Conor is a .300 hitter with mid teen power.  Everyone waits for him to breakout but it still hasn't happened. I think he just is what he is.
 20  Adam LaRoche  
 21  Pablo Sandoval  
 22  James Loney  
 23  Paul Konerko  
 24  Jorge Cantu  
 25  Carlos Guillen  
 26  Jason Giambi  
 27  Billy Butler  
 28 Hank Blalock  
 29  Casey Kotchman  
 30  Todd Helton  
 31  Mike Jacobs  
 32  Casey Blake  
 33  Nick Swisher