2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (OF)

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Howdy All, The OF spot in fantasy is where you fill up your teams needs. Most leagues require that you field 5 outfielders. That would be funny if they did that in real baseball. The re is a lot of talent roaming the outfield, but you got to remeber Who knows what you will find lurking in the OF.Who knows what you will find lurking in the OF.that it will go fast because everyone needs five. I feel that you probably want to lock up 3 good OF's on your team, and then take some chances with the last two spots. Every year we see people break out like Quentin, or prospects come up to provide a spark. So you will be able to fill your needs with those types of players. If someone isn't working out, don't sit on them to long, because you will need to act fast to grab the next stud off the waiver wire.Now lets get to the list and see what gems we can find lurking out there. 

 Rank  OF  Comment
 1  Grady Sizemore  Grady is what you call an all around player. He is Mr. 30-30 man. It would be great if he could get that average up, but you really can't complain.
 2  Ryan Braun Braun is very very good. 40 homers and 15 steals in the book. He also will throw in a .300 average too. Me likes.
 3  Josh Hamilton  The comeback kid last year was unreal. Some people think he slowed down in the 2nd half, but he really didn't. Texas' offense is just too good and the RBI's will be yummy.
 4  Carlos Beltran Beltran is A+ in every category. Steals, Homers, Rbis, Runs, Avg. He has them all.
 5  B.J. Upton  B.J. is very hard to read. One season the power is there the next its not. I think he is truly healthy this year and the power will come back. The guy is a stud.
 6  Alfonso Soriano  He was limited by minor injuries last year but still put up 29 homers and 19 steals. He loves Wrigley and they love him too.
 7  Manny Ramirez  Manny finally signed his big deal, and is back on the field. I think he will be motivated to provide his usually amazing stats. Its just Manny being Manny.
 8  Carlos Lee  This horse likes to prance with the best of them. Minute Maid park is perfect for this one.
 9  Matt Kemp  Kemp fought for playing time last year, and finally proved to the bonehead Torre that he is an everyday player. He has wheels and power to match. I expect big things.
 10  Nick Markakis  Nick the stick is a young hitter in the making. Such a smooth stroke, and mixes in a little bit of speed. He has talked of running more. Lets hope its true.
 11  Carl Crawford  Ok, we should probably realize the power isn't there. He is dissaopointed with his play last year and vows to really improve. 50 steals will go straight to your bottom line.
 12  Jason Bay  Bay got traded to Bean Town and never stopped hitting. They might miss Manny's crazy attitude, but they won't miss his bat with Bay in town. This boy can run too.
 13  Matt Holliday  Ohhh No! No more thin air for Mr. Holliday. He is a good enough hitter though to overcome that. His homers will drop, but not by that much.
 14  Ichiro  Avg, Speed, Avg Speed. That’s what you get here.
 15  Alex Rios  What a confusing player. For half the season he couldn't buy a homer, but steals were plenty. Then in the 2nd half he completely reversed that. Hopefully he can put it all together this year.
 16  Vlad  Vlad is old, and gets kicked up a lot. He still is going to hit anything close to the plate. A good player to have that will probably slip farther than he should.
 17  Nate McLouth  McLouth is a very streaky hitter. He has visions of 30-30 though. If he can do that, you won't be sorry.
 18  Curtis Granderson  It looks like Grandeson is now going to have the wheels we thought. Sure he'll get 15 bags, but not much more. He does balance it out with 25 homers though.
 19  Jacoby Ellsbury  I feel he is slightly overrated this year. He is going high in drafts, but really shouldn't be. Sure he will run a lot, but very few homers will come your way. I would rather have a more balanced player.
 20 Bobby Abreau Everyone thinks he is washed up. No way Jose. This guy is a consistent 20-20 threat every year. He will fit in well on the Angels.
 21  Corey Hart  He proved he doesn't need sunglasses to be cool. 20-20 is how cool he is.
 22  Magglio Ordonez  Chicks dig the curls, and I dig the homers and the average.
 23  Alexei Ramirez  From nothing, to greatness in one year. The Cuba defect exploded on the scene last year with 21 homers and 13 steals. He strikes out a lot, and is a free swinger but  his power is for real. In a position where it is hard to find 20 homer pop, you can't go wrong here.
 24  Hunter Pence Hunter was lost in April last year but picked it up the rest of the season. He isn't going to run as much but should provide plenty of everything else.
 25  Adam Dunn  40,40,40,40. That's the homer total for the last 4 years. Do you think he does it on purpose?
 26  Torii Hunter  Hunter is on the way down in his career, but he is still a 20-20 threat.
 27  Ryan Ludwick  Where in the hell did that come from last year? He is a good hitter, but don't expect the same homer total as last year. Probably around 28 homers I would say.
 28  Andre Ethier  When Manny got to town he really turned it on. He now has the insurance of the crazy guy every day. Expect big things.
 29 Lastings Milledge  This young prospect has the hopes of D.C. on his shoulder. I think he has it in him.
 30  Jay Bruce He is young, he is awesome. In 1 more year, he will probably be in the top 10 on the list. Just not this year. 
 31  Nelson Cruz  Cruz was unreal in AAA last year. Some call him a 4 A player. He proved them wrong and hit really well in the last month. He is penciled in at the 4th spot. Watch out!
 32  Jermaine Dye  
 33  Raul Ibanez  
 34  Jason Werth  
 35  Johnny Damon  
 36  Chris B Young  
 37  Juston Upton  
 38 Vernon Wells  
 39  Milton Bradley  
 40  Brad Hawpe  
 41  Adam Jones  
 42  Rick Ankiel  
 43  Pat Burrell  
 44  Conor Jackson  
 45  Xavier Nady  
 46  Elijah Dukes  
 47 Cameron Maybin  
 48  Shin-Soo Choo  
 49  Coco Crisp  
 50  Delmon Young  
 51  Adam Lind  
 52  Hideki Matsui  
 53  Mark Derosa  
 54  Fred Lewis  
 55  Ryan Spilborgs  
 56  Dernard Span  
 57  Daniel Murphy  
 58  Jerem Hermida  
 59  Carlos Gomez  
 60  Willy Taveras  
 61  Randy Winn  
 62  Mike Cameron  
 63  Felipe Lopez  
 64 Travis Snider  
 65  Kendry Morales  
 66 Chase Headley  
 67  J.D.Drew  
 68  Jeff Francouer  
 69  Michael Bourne  
 70  Jose Guillen  
 71  David DeJesus  
 72  Luke Scott  
 73  Jason Kubel  
 74  Jordan Schafer  
 75  Brett Gardner  
 76  Jack Cust  
 77  Chris Dickerson  
 78  Skip Schumaker  
 79 Mark Tehan  
 80  Ty Wigginron