2009 Final Four teams?

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2009 Final Four?2009 Final Four?As we head into selection Sunday, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the top 4 teams in the country and see how they've done, and let you know what my thoughts are on each.  The top 4 currently in the polls are UNC, Pittsburgh, Memphis and UCONN.  Two Big East schools making the top 4 surprises me, but then again if the Big 12 can supposedly have 3 of the top 5 in Football, then I guess it makes sense.  Oh wait, didn't the Big 12 struggle during the Bowl season?  That's right, they did, and most likely will the Big East big boys.  Right Lewass?  Anyways, let's get down to the nuts and bolts.

North Carolina comes in as the top dog in the country with an oustanding 27-3 record in the tough ACC.  After a strong performance against Duke in the regular season finale, they were able to secure the #1 spot over Pittsburgh.  Tyler Hansbrough gets all the attention, but it is actually Ty Lawson that is the core of the team.  Averaging over 6 assists a game to go along with almost 16 points, he is the one that teams will have to stop.  Psycho T is going to get his points from boards, but not having a dish man will hurt the overall team.  UNC is averaging 91 points per game, while only giving up 72.  This  is a large part of their 27-3 record, however, they are covering the spread only 41% of the time.  Keep note of that come the tournament time.  How far will UNC go...Final Four is a definite in my book.

Pittsburgh is one of the two teams from the Big East in the Top 4 right now, although they aren't even in first place in the Big East.  With a 28-3 record, and two impressive wins over conference rival UConn, a lot of people expect big things from them.  Pitt is led by Sam Young who is scoring almost 19 ppg, but it is the big man down low that runs the show.  Blair is big, and he is going to use his body to get his points.  With 16 ppg and an oustanding 12.4 rebounds for game, he is the ultimate down low double double man.  Pitt is going to do well in the tournament, as I see them more balanced than some other teams.  As long as there guards can hit their shots to keep defenses honest, they'll do well.

Memphis is a team that most people haven't seen play.  They are 28-3, and have been rolling over their opponents.  Their defense is either stellar, or Conference USA is horrible as they are only giving up 58 points per game, while scoring 75 ppg.  The problem with Memphis is that they play in C-USA, so they don't get to play the so called big boys throughout the year.  They'll get high seed in the tournament due to their record, and that will get them to the sweet 16, but I'm not sure how much further they will go.  They haven't beaten a ranked team all year, and lost in their 2 efforts against ranked teams (Georgetown who isn't ranked anymore, and Syracuse).  I find it ard to believe they will make too much of a run at it, but you never know when you have athletes to play with.

UConn is the final two of the Big East schools in the top 4, however, like Pitt, they are not the #1 team in the Big East (Geez...does Louisville feel slighted or what!).  UConn seems to have all the pieces, but those pesky Panthers keep getting in the way.  So, as long as they don't have to face Pitt, they should be good.  Contending with the big guy down low is tough, but Blair of Pitt has his number.  Other teams won't have that luxury always, so when you are filling out your bracket, look for a big man who could slow them down.