10/11/2009 Parlay Bets

We've got a doozy for you this weekend.  We went 4-1 last weekend, and I wouldn't expect anything less. 

  1. Texas -3 over OU (Bradford may be back, but McCoy never left)
  2. Va. Tech -3 over Ga. Tech (Va. Tech is playing out its mind so far this season, and people thing Ga. Tech is good b/c they beat FSU)
  3. USC -10 over ND  (Would've liked to peg this one at 9.5, but we'll take the chance at 10)
  4. Detroit/Green Bay over 47.5 (Both teams can score a lot if given the right circumstances)
  5. Philly -14 over Oakland (Oakland = Jamarcus Russell = bad)