10/10/09 Weekend Parlay

So, I've decided that given the amount of free time left in my days, I will keep our posts to a minimum and let you know what 5 team parlay my friends and I are playing each week.  this will give you instant access to picks that we think are good bets.  So, without further ado, here you go.

  1. 49ers -2.5 over Atlanta (iffy, but usually iffy pays off for some reason)
  2.  Alabama -5 over Ole Miss (Ole Miss burned me earlier in the season, but they won't do it again)
  3. Indianapolis -4 over Tennessee (Could be a sucker bet as this one looks too easy)
  4. Colorado +32.5 over Texas (Hopefully Colt McCoy parties hard the night before)
  5. Minnesota Vikings -10 over St. Louis  ( Minnesota  = good, St. Louis = bad)