College Football

Texas Tech vs. Mississippi Pick (Cotton Bowl)

2008 Cotton Bowl2008 Cotton BowlThe Cotton Bowl is one of the classics, and somehow it has managed to find itself no longer on New Years Day, but somehow finds itself with a top tier team in Texas Tech.  The Red Raiders are the forgotten bunch of the Big 12 South after getting blown out by Oklahoma.  There was ton of speculation as to whether the Big 12 could really have some many top notch teams, and thus far they are 3-1 in the Bowls...not too shabby.  Mississippi is no stranger to knocking off top teams, as they beat down Florida 31-30 early on in the season, and also played well against Alabama.  As a matter of fact, they have lost by a combined 18 points in their 4 losses...less than 5 points on average.  Funny enough, that is the spread for this game, so what do we do?

Kentucky vs. East Carolina Pick (Liberty Bowl)

Liberty BowlLiberty BowlEast Carolina stormed into the top 25 with huge wins against Va. Tech and West Virginia to start off the season.  People were amazed and everyone was thinking they could be the BCS Buster after they started of 3-0, but then reality set in, and they proceeded to lose the next 3 in a row.  Kentucky came into the season without too many expectations, but started 4-0 and were looking strong.  Unfortunately, once the SEC schedule came into play, they were only able to win 2 of the next 8 games.  So, which team is going to come into this game playing like they did to open the season?

Virginia Tech vs. Cincinatti Pick (Orange Bowl)

2008 Orange Bowl2008 Orange BowlThe ACC and Big East champions square off in what most consider the least desirable to watch of the BCS games.  This is mainly due to the fact that no one respect either the ACC or the Big East.  However, as we've shown thus far, the ACC is great ATS, and the Big East is currently 3-1 in the bowls this year.  The Big East actually went undefeated a couple years back in the Bowls.  I'm not sure if this is because their bowl tie ins are against weaker conferences, or if they are just a good conference that gets no respect like the ACC.  So, which of these two non-respected conferences is going to win this matchup?

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