College Football

Miami versus Pitt pick

The two bottom feeder BCS conferences play in front of the nationwide audience on Thursday night.  These two conferences combined for 6 Ranked teams to start the season, and are now down to a toal of 2.  To put that in perspective, the Mountain West conference comes in with 2 ranked teams this weekend. To add even more perspective about how far below the ACC and Big East are from the other 4 Major BCS conferences, the Big East is 0-5 versus them, and the ACC is a dismal 0-8.  The good news for each conference is that this game will give one of them a 2-1 record over the other, so it's kind of like a toilet bowl for the conferences. :-)  Anyways, we don't care about all of that, we want to know who is going to cover the spread, as that is where the money lies.

Week 3 Football picks

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The world is a finicky place when it comes to betting on football.  When I first saw the line on San Diego versus Kansas City last week at -4, and knowing how bad KC had been, I would've thought that was the easiest pick in the entire world.  Then the betting gods step in, cause a little rain, which somehow stirs up those crazy fans in their new stadium, then Jamaal Charles busts loose for a long TD, and the stage has been set for an upset.  Of course, that is week 1, so as the teams get better, especially the better teams, they won't be so inclined to just roll over at the first sign of adversity.  So, that brings us to week 2, where I'm all about a few favorites, one underdog, and one over.  Let's get to it.

North Carolina State versus Cincinnati Pick

The ACC could not have had a worse weekend then last weekend.  Any hopes of them showing the nation that they weren't the weak conference that everyone thinks they are was thrown out the window iwith losses by Miami, FSU, Ga. Tech, and most surprisingly Va. Tech to a FCS school by the name of James Madison.  However, lost in all that was a decent win by NC State over UCF despite being 3 point underdogs.  So, what do we do this week.  Do we go with the assumption that the ACC sucks overall and that NC State got a fluke win, or do we go with the idea that maybe NC State is a bit better than the odds makers think, and thus are ripe for the picking? 

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