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10/11/2009 Parlay Bets

We've got a doozy for you this weekend.  We went 4-1 last weekend, and I wouldn't expect anything less. 

  1. Texas -3 over OU (Bradford may be back, but McCoy never left)
  2. Va. Tech -3 over Ga. Tech (Va. Tech is playing out its mind so far this season, and people thing Ga. Tech is good b/c they beat FSU)
  3. USC -10 over ND  (Would've liked to peg this one at 9.5, but we'll take the chance at 10)
  4. Detroit/Green Bay over 47.5 (Both teams can score a lot if given the right circumstances)
  5. Philly -14 over Oakland (Oakland = Jamarcus Russell = bad) 


10/10/09 Weekend Parlay

So, I've decided that given the amount of free time left in my days, I will keep our posts to a minimum and let you know what 5 team parlay my friends and I are playing each week.  this will give you instant access to picks that we think are good bets.  So, without further ado, here you go.

  1. 49ers -2.5 over Atlanta (iffy, but usually iffy pays off for some reason)
  2.  Alabama -5 over Ole Miss (Ole Miss burned me earlier in the season, but they won't do it again)
  3. Indianapolis -4 over Tennessee (Could be a sucker bet as this one looks too easy)
  4. Colorado +32.5 over Texas (Hopefully Colt McCoy parties hard the night before)
  5. Minnesota Vikings -10 over St. Louis  ( Minnesota  = good, St. Louis = bad)

Colorado vs. West Virginia Pick (10/1/2009)

Thursday night games always give me the shakes when trying to pick it.  It's either a game no one really cares about, or a game where a up and coming school is trying to compete with a big boy on the national stage.  Either way, we as the bettors of the world, have to try and decipher what some 18-22 year old is going to feel like playing under the lights after perhaps a rough day at school.  At least with Saturday games, we know they only have one thing on their mind.  Anyways, this is a game that no one outside of WVU or Colorado cares about, but on to the pick anyways, as we need to make up some dinero!

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