College Football Week 3

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The big game of the week is the yearly matchup between Florida and Tennessee. Florida has pretty much dominated this series for the most part, and I see no reason why this won't continue. Tennessee struggled with the speed of Cal, and I definitely think Florida is just as fast or faster than Cal. Give the points and take UF (currently -8).

Another game, which was supposed to be big, is Michigan versus Notre Dame. Both teams are "defeated," meaning neither of them have managed to put a check mark in the win column. Obviously, someone will get the Win this week, and I expect that to be Michigan, mainly b/c it is at home. Michigan has looked horrible, but not as bad as Notre Dame.

TCU at Texas

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TCU (+8) 13
Texas (-8) 34
Over / Under (44)

Arkansas St. at Texas

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Arkansas St. (+41) 13
Texas (-41) 21
Over / Under (Off)
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