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Kerry Wood's 20K's and Pitch F/X?

Pitch F/X is a somewhat new technology created by Sportvision that allows you to see almost every imaginable stat about a pitch. You can see what the speed was when the ball was released vs. what is was when it reached the plate. Probably the main thing is that you can see by how many feet/inches a ball broke during a particular pitch. Unfortunately, this data wasn't around back in 1998, as I would love to see the statistics for Kerry Wood's 20K game. Today is the 10th Anniversary of that game, and if you watch the clip below, pay particular attention to the 20th K as that amount of feet that pitch broke is absolutely unbelievable. The question is are there any other potential 20K'ers out there today.

Maintenance upgrade

If you came to the site within the past couple of days and just happened to get a "site offline" message, we apologize.  We have upgraded the site's backend to help increase performance and make some bug fixes.  We are now going to start adding new features to the site, specifically vote tracking so that we can determine who the true star pickers are.  We'll let you know when it happens!

Free MLB Pick 4-21-2008 Update

This just in...Germano is a fraud and should be dropped by everyone
that owns him.  If we were looking for a worst pitcher to pick for
tonight, I'm not sure we could have found one.  Oswalt didn't have to do anything this evening to get the win other than just show up and throw something better than batting practice.  Germano's line for the night says it all.

Germano ShelledGermano Shelled

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