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Missing MLB Lines

Just a quick update.  We apologize for the lack of a free MLB pick for today as we are currently investigating why the MLB Lines are not coming up.  Once we resolve this we will be able to continue providing you with Free MLB Picks.

10 Years Ago Today: David Wells' Perfect game

10 Years ago today an aging David Wells pitched a perfect game.  27 batters up, 27 batters down.  Congratulations to him for posting one of the greatest feats in baseball.  Since that time, only Randy Johnson has pitched a perfect game (2004).  Not sure when the next one will come, but let's just hope he is on your fantasy team when that person does.  Below is the boxscore of the game, and note he struck out 11 to top it all off.


Kyle Lohse robbed

Yesterday we took the Cardinals and the flaky Kyle Lohse as the underdog pick.  He is an on again, off again type of pitcher, so you know his mental state is about as steady as one of those bobble head dolls.  Anyways, let's look at the boxscore for his first inning:

Bottom 1st: Colorado

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